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Message from Principal Fountain

5/25/2022 7:35 am

Dear Families,

I am still shaken by the news of the Texas school shooting. I wish that this heinous violence didn't exist; it is heart-wrenching. However, I am reaching out to you to assure you that JBE has a robust safety and security plan, guided by CCSD's Safety and Security Management Team. The Safety and Security Management Team comes to JBE randomly and multiple times a year to assess our level of safety. They check gates, doors, and windows, and look for any weak spots. They are thorough and we always receive specific and informative feedback. Please watch this video on their website to learn about protocols we utilize to keep your children safe.

Now go hug your children, while they lay peacefully in bed, and count your blessings as you relax knowing your JBE family will show up again in the morning and do every possible thing to keep your children safe.



Principal Fountain


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