To be the best little school in the Lowcountry.


To provide authentic, challenging, creative experiences in a supportive and engaging environment in order to develop global leaders with strong character, ready to serve their communities.

Projections and Allotments

Positions provided by CCSD based on the projected enrollment of the coming school year. 

JBE ONE is the combination of our Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) and the Tom Lee Endowment (TLE):

  • The PTO is organized for the purpose of supporting the education of children at James B Edwards Elementary by fostering relationships among the school, parents, teachers and community. The PTO budget is posted on the PTO website for transparency.
  • The TLE was established after longtime principal Tom Lee retired and money raised is used to fund student enrichment not funded by CCSD. The TLE’s mission is to raise funds to enhance the ability to attain educational goals and improve the intellectual capacity of its students.

SIC is an advisory board to the administration and is made up of elected parents, teachers, community members, and other members appointed by the principal. It brings the concerns and needs of the school community to the table to be discussed and deals with school policies and funds for school improvement.