JBE Neighborhood Captains 2023-24


Neighborhood “Nests”:  At JBE, we have created neighborhood groups that each have a Captain.  Their job is to loop you in and make sure you, and all your neighbors, know all about what’s happening at JBE! 


The majority of information will come out from our Principal and our Newsletters, but your Hood Captain is a WONDERFUL resource! 


Below is a list of captains - please reach out directly to your Captain to get looped in!  Or if you have any issues, please email hello@jbeone.org.




Neighborhood Captain Email Phone
Braemore Ryan Kelly ryanmcinniskelly@gmail.com 843-637-0021
Bridlewood Colleen Bridges colleenkbridges@gmail.com 703-786-4341
Candlewood Colleen Bridges colleenkbridges@gmail.com 703-786-4341
Cooper Estates Christy Bivens christy_cofc@yahoo.com 843-847-6171
Cooper's Landing/Cooper's Pointe Courtney Kinowski cdkinowski@gmail.com 843-475-7571
Creekside Meghan Rowland meghangilsenan@gmail.com 864-506-0905
Glen Lake Colleen Bridges colleenkbridges@gmail.com 703-786-4341
Greenhill Monica Trenga monicactrenga@gmail.com 843-475-1965
Hamlet Square Meredith Glitner meredith.brower@gmail.com 404-520-2838
Harbour Watch Allison Plaster allisonw21@gmail.com 404-643-6913
Heron Pointe Alice Edwards alicejedwards09@gmail.com 843-830-7457
Heritage Village Kelly Nix kellyfnix@gmail.com 843-870-1866
Hobcaw Point Rachel Isaac rachel@prospectrep.com 843-801-1331
Ion Sarah Beaver sarahcarolinebeaver@gmail.com 828-612-5517
Landing's Run Courtney Kinowski cdkinowski@gmail.com 843-475-7571
Magent Students Colleen Bridges colleenkbridges@gmail.com 703-786-4341
Molasses Creek Ashley Davis atadams2006@gmail.com 704-796-8027
Olde Park Kelly Nix kellyfnix@gmail.com 843-870-1866
On the Harbor Allison Plaster allisonw21@gmail.com 404-643-6913
Parish Place Leanna Boatwright leannaboatwright@gmail.com 864-316-0895
Point Pleasant Melissa Rollins mrollins@thecassinagroup.com 843-870-0839
Remleys, Scanlonville, River Reach, River Watch, Runaway Bay Allison Plaster allisonw21@gmail.com 404-643-6913
Snee Farm Danielle Rinaca Daniellemgaudet@yahoo.com 727-692-9013
Somerset Point Monica Trenga monicactrenga@gmail.com 843-475-1965
Queens Row Monica Trenga monicactrenga@gmail.com 843-475-1965
Wakendaw Katie Hurst katie.calhoon@gmail.com 843-412-2349
Wando Lakes Mihela Coopersmith mihaela_motoi@yahoo.com 843-697-3098
Other/Not Listed Colleen Bridges colleenkbridges@gmail.com 703-786-4341

QUESTIONS?? Contact our Community Building Team at hello@jbeone.org