I understand my role as chaperone is to ensure the safety and well being of all students
assigned to my supervision. Therefore, I agree to do the following:

  • Support the supervising teacher/sponsor in enforcing established rules, procedures,
    and expectations for student participation and effort.
  • Commit my undivided attention to the students I am assigned to supervise (therefore, I
    shall not bring my child's siblings on the trip nor shall I engage in activities which distract
    my attention from the students I supervise).
  • Model appropriate language and behavior and abide by all Charleston County School
    District policies and regulations which govern the behavior of employees during the
    working hours for the entire duration of the field trip while in the presence of the
  • Ensure that other children and siblings under my care do not attend the field trip.
  • Provide my own transportation to and from the field trip and will not transport any
    students, including my own, to or from the field trip.
  • ALL CHAPERONES MUST PAY FOR THEIR ENTRY VIA VENMO. Please list your teacher name and field trip name in the notes