JBE One Expense Reimbursement Process

Hello! This page outlines the expense reimbursement process for Staff or JBE One team members who have money allocated in the budget amongst various buckets.

If you don't know if you have $ allocated or want to know the balance of your allotment, please check out the budget here or email treasurer@jbeone.org  All teachers have $250 budgeted to them annually and special area teachers have additional funds. 

Process to access JBE One funds:

To start, you have two options: 


a) JBE One can buy the item for you




b) YOU can buy the item and JBE One will reimburse you.

Either way, to start the process, please fill out this reimbursement form and we will be in touch! You will be reimbursed by check within roughly 10 days of the submitted report.


Questions?  Comments?  Confused?   Please email treasurer@jbeone.org for any questions.



The JBE One Treasurer Team

Beth Howard, Katie Catalana, Mandy Osbourne & Mihela Coopersmith