JBE One COLOR RUN Capital Campaign

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The Kids have worked so hard raising $ for the school!  Let's Celebrate them!
Mon Nov 14th - Three Grand Prize Winners announced on Morning Announcements
Tues Nov 15th - Extra Recess AND Cookies on Playground
Weds Nov 16th - No Uniforms
Thurs Nov 17th - Class Pizza Parties 
Fri Nov 18th - Color Run 
No Homework - awarded at teacher discretion 




FAQ - Fundraising Q&A Regarding 2022 JBE Color Run:


What is the JBE Color Run?

It is a fundraising campaign where students raise money to support their school during the weeks of Oct 31st-Nov 11th. The fundraising concludes with a Color Run that will take place on the back lawn on Friday, Nov 11th. Each child will have the option to run laps while being sprayed with colors to celebrate JBE and their fundraising efforts!  And the kids win prizes too!


How does this help our school?


100% of proceeds will be used to fund Field Trips, portions of three teacher salaries, Boat building, the Greenhouse, supplies and much more, ALL of which are not funded by CCSD! The JBE Color Run Committee has been working hard to obtain sponsors to pay for many of the needed supplies to put on this fun event so 100% of donations will go right to the school! Please thank our wonderful sponsors for supporting JBE!


What do I need to do as a parent?
1) Get your kid registered on JBEone.org
- Go to JBEOne.org and either login or create an account
- Click My Account, then Family Information
-Confirm all the Information in Step 1 and Step 2 INCLUDING the correct teacher and make sure your student(s) are marked ACTIVE.  Click Save.
-Hover over Fundraising at the top, then select Student Fundraising Page
-Scroll down to Fundraising Campaigns and edit your student(s) with a cute picture.  You're done!  To share the page, click the links in the Gray Box
2) Sign/Return the Waiver that will come home from your teacher
3) Help your kiddo(s) raise money on the site by sharing the link or setting up a bake sale!  Each child has their own site.
4) On the day of the Color Run, send them in "messy" clothes and pack a sack lunch


How do I contribute money?

Each child has their own fundraising web page through jbeone.org. To access your child's page, Log in, then Click Fundraising, then Student Fundraising Page.  Make sure your Child's Teacher is correct by clicking on My Account, Family Information. 


To raise money, share your child’s fundraising page with family and friends via email, fliers, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  You can also set up bake sales, car washes, or pay your kiddos for extra chores.   Donations can be made by cash, check or credit card. 


Can I write a check?  Yes!  But make sure they arrive before the end of the campaign on Nov 11th.  Checks needs to be made Payable to JBE PTO and can be given to your child's teacher or mailed to 855 Von Kolnitz Rd, Mt. Pleasant, SC 29464.  PLEASE NOTE YOUR CHILD'S NAME, TEACHER AND GRADE. 


What are the goals?

Our overall goal is $100,000!

Each participant is encouraged to raise $250 in donations during the fundraiser.  Please also consider raising extra to cover additional kids.


Can my child still participate if they don’t raise any money?

Absolutely! But remember even a small amount is better than no amount.


What are the prizes?

There are three levels of prizes - individual, class and school wide.  Individually, kids will be entered in a raffle and three winners will win the grand prize which is their choice of a Nintendo Switch, an Oculus or an iPad!  The more $ they raise, the more raffle tickets they get!  The top class per grade wins a pizza party and the there are school wide prizes too!  


Raise $20k = No Homework
Raise $40K= No Uniform Day
Raise $60K = Extra Recess
Raise $80K = Popsicles on the Playground with Eddie the Egret
Raise $100K = Throw Pie in Principal Fountain and Officer Ransom's Faces!


What if my child won’t be at school Nov 11th, can they still participate, raise money and earn prizes?

Absolutely, yes! Fundraising will begin Oct 31st and ends Nov 11th. Prizes will be distributed throughout the two weeks of fundraising! 


What does my child wear on Race Day Nov 18th?

All students will receive a JBE Color Run tee shirt on the day of the race along with sunglasses and bandanas. You can dress your student in a t-shirt, old shorts, old socks and old tennis shoes; feel free to dress up with your favorite colorful gear.


Is the Color Powder Safe? The color powder is made from high quality cornstarch and food grade dyes.  It is NON TOXIC and biodegradable.  All materials are approved by the US FDA, although they are not made for human consumption.


Does color powder stain skin or hair? No. It is recommended to shake off as much powder before exposing it to water. Normal soap and water should remove color powder, although some color tends to linger for a few days, especially with blonde hair.


 Does Color powder stain clothing? It is typical that the powder will come out of most of the clothing. 100% cotton clothing or older clothing is recommended to be paired with your JBE Color Run tee shirt for this reason! Of course, wash your clothes sooner than later! To help preserve the color in your running shirt, spray it with vinegar and iron it. 


Is it harmful if you inhale the color powder? No, it is not harmful, BUT we give the kids bandanas and sunglasses to keep the powder out of their eyes/nose/mouth.  It is not recommended to inhale large amounts of the powder. Volunteers "blasters" will be guided to aim below the neck. Participants will be given sunglasses but are welcome to bring goggles. 


Keep in mind that this event is kid-friendly and the volume of color will be appropriate for fun, not overwhelming. Any child who has asthma, has concerns about ingredients, or doesn't want to participate can still participate in the race by running on the inside of the track/away from the color blasters OR by cheering on their teammates outside the color zone.  Please let your teacher know ahead of time or contact Nurse Nancy nancy_odonoghue@charleston.k12.sc.us 


Will this be fun?!  YES!  We hope this will be a big success and happen for many more years to come!


Questions??  Email president@jbeone.org


Thanks for your support!!

Business Sponsors are now closed but please consider supporting our auction in the spring!

All sponsors will receive:
  • Advertising to all of our students, parents, staff and extended loved ones
  • Listing in JBE One Newsletter
  • Placement on the JBE One Website
  • Option to place any flyers/promotional items that you provide in a pre-race packet for all 800 students
  • Charleston ENT
  • 1st Choice Heating and Air
  • Baby Bloomers
  • JR McCroskey Mortgages
  • Big Tuna Marketing
  • Richardson Plowden & Robinson, PA
  • Player Parterns
  • Face Foundrie
  • Hawk and Hawk Law Firm
  • Stomo
  • Cold Hardy Palms
  • Tidehaven Wealth
  • Uniworks
  • State Farm
  • Red Falcon Ink
  • Kid's Teeth
  • Baxter's Biscuits
  • Ericsson Law Firm
  • KDE Financial Services, LLC
  • Rollins Real Estate
  • Red Falcon Ink


Passive Fundraising

Amazon Smile:
  1. Go to https://smile.amazon.com
  2. Enter you email for your Amazon account and click continue.
  3. Select James B Edwards Elementary PTO as your charity
  4. When shopping Amazon you must start at https://smile.amazon.com
  5. If you use the Amazon App, Open Settings in the Main Menu,. Tap "AmazonSmile" and follow the instructions
Grocery Partners, Publix & Harris Teeter:
  • Add JBE as your Publix Partner in your Publix.com account. Enter your phone number at checkout.
  • Add JBE to your Harris Teeter VIC card profile. Scan your VIC card at checkout (NOTE: this must be relinked each school year)
Box Tops:
  • Each Box Top provides $0.10 back to JBE


Thank You Sponsors!

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