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Capital Campaign Launches

10/4/2021 1:20 pm

We hope JBE has brought joy and a love of learning to your child’s life.  JBE One is the platform that represents the PTO and Endowment and is a team of parent volunteers working to put resources in place at the school that make an impact for every student, including yours. 

 The annual capital campaign raises money to fill the gap in funding between what the school receives from CCSD and what additional resources are required for school programming, activities, enrichment, learning and discovery.

 Starting today through October 22, our goal is to raise contributions from all 600 JBE families to fill the budget gap and help all students to have the tools they need all year. 

 Please click “Donate Today” on the lefthand side of your screen! 

 Money raised goes to programs that aren’t covered by the school budget but impact and benefit all students:  art instruction, music, technology and coding, French, special education, intervention for at-risk students, and special events such as field trips and after-school math and science camps. 

 Our target is $250 per family.  We would like all families to contribute to any amount you feel comfortable.   If JBE has helped your student, will you please consider supporting us today?  We need your help. 

 All donations are 100% tax deductible and are managed by the Coastal Community Foundation, the fiduciary that manages all JBE funds.  You will receive a receipt for tax purposes.   Have questions? Contact us at Together, we can provide a world-class learning experience for JBE students!

 Thank you for your support!


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