CD March

2/25/2022 7:06 am

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K5 February

1/31/2022 8:35 pm


February Newsletter

Essential Activities:

*Reading: blends and chunks, Decoding Skills, getting comfortable with being uncomfortable with reading. :)  

*Writing:Handwriting-forming letters correctly, Shared Writing

*Math: Making numbers to 10 and teen numbers

*Science: Hibernating and Migrating

*Social Studies: Groundhogs Day and Black History Month

Important Dates:

*February 1st: 100th Day of School

*February 2nd: College Wear Wednesday

*February 4th: E-Learning Day

*February 9th: National Pizza Day

*February 14th: Valentine’s Day Celebration

*February 18th: Early Release Day (12:25)

*February 21st: E-Learning Day

*February 22nd: Progress Reports come home

*February 25th: Birthday Celebrations

Things to Practice:

*Read Nightly

*Complete Sight Word and Math Homework Weekly

*Independence! Doing things on our own (Did you try first on your own before asking for help?)

*Show KINDNESS Everyday


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CD February

1/25/2022 2:23 pm