Hello and Welcome to JBE!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the JBE Family! My name is Katie Edwards and I'm the President of JBE One (aka PTO and Endowment combined into ONE awesome group). I am an alumni of JBE and have two daughters at the school now :)

First: there is a full Parent Handbook called the ABCs of JBE that tells you EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about the school!

What JBE One does: The goal of JBE One is to raise $200k annually to pay for our Greenhouse teacher, Technology teacher, support Field Trips, our Boat Building Program, extra staff spoiling appreciation and so much more. You can check out our full budget on our jbeone.org website under Parent Info, JBE One, then Financials.

How JBE One does it: We have a rockstar Executive Board made up of 13 parents and they, along with their teams, make all the magic happen - from the Fall Color Run Capital Campaign, Staff Appreciation Week, Back to School Nights, extra teacher support and so on! We're always looking for new faces! There are WIDE varieties of ways to get involved. Learn more on the site under Parent Info, Volunteer and sign up to get on the lists!

Neighborhood “Nests”: At JBE, we have created neighborhood groups that each have a Captain. Their job is to loop you in and make sure you, and all your neighbors, know all about what’s happening at JBE! The majority of information will come out from our Principal and our Newsletters, but your Hood Captain is a WONDERFUL resource! Enclosed is a list of captains - please reach out directly to your Captain to get looped in! Or if you have any issues, please email me directly at president@jbeone.org.

Uniforms: Are sold periodically throughout the year on the jbeone.org site. If you need uniforms and the window is closed, please reach out to us directly and we’ll help! Uniforms@jbeone.org And make sure to get an orange Field Trip shirt if you’re new!

We look forward to meeting you and your kiddos! We are here to help!

With a JBE Smile, Katie and the whole Exec Board

  • President - Katie Edwards
  • VP - Anna Upbin
  • Secretary - Ryan Lemire
  • Treasurers - Beth Howard, Katie Catalana, Mandy Osborne, Mihela Coopersmith
  • Strategic Initiatives - Jodi Fuqua and Rebecca Sailor
  • Faculty Relations- Amelia Smith, Melissa Rollins and Ashley Davis
  • Community Building - Rachel Stanley and Meredith Giltner

Lost and Found!

Hey JBE parents- Has your child lost one (or a few) jackets? Sweatshirts? Hats? Water bottles? Lunchboxes? The lost and found at JBE is overflowing this time of year, so I know I’m not alone. Read on to see how the help of a new process can get these items back to their students with the help of a few great volunteers!

1st: EVERYONE CLICK THIS LINK - and review the photos we’ve taken of EVERYTHING in the main lost and found area. Even if you didn’t think you lost something… you might have without even knowing! JBE Lost Items Photo Album

2nd: IF YOU IDENTIFY AN ITEM IN THE PHOTOS - click this link and fill out a quick form to get the item back to your kiddo. JBE Found Item Claim Form

3rd: LABEL YOUR ITEMS - the following link is a fundraising link for incredible labels. (Right now they are having a big sale!) As someone who just went through all the lost items, I can attest these are way better than illegible sharpie marker on a tag. Fundraising Support | Mabel’s Labels | Raise Funds With Kids Labels

FROM NOW ON: STILL CAN’T FIND YOUR STUFF or LOST SOMETHING RECENTLY?? For the remainder of the year, if your student can’t find something, fill out this form and we will be on the hunt for you. JBE Lost Item Submission Form

If all else fails, you can also email lostandfound@jbeone.org.


James B. Edwards Uniform Policy


  • Monday through Thursday: NAVY or GREEN JBE uniform shirt (short or long sleeve).
  • Fridays only: any JBE shirt (Tie-dye, “vintage”, event shirts, etc.).
  • Cardigans/fleeces to be worn indoors must be SOLID navy or white; does not have to be logoed; Crewneck sweatshirts and JBE Jackets may also be purchased thru our website using the "Order Now" button below.
  • Jackets to be worn outdoors may be any color.
  • Solid long sleeved white, navy or light blue shirts under JBE shirt. 


    *The items purchased on www.jbeone.org will be filled by the school and sent home with your child unless otherwise arranged.


  • Students may wear any bottoms they would like, to include patterns and colors.
  • Shorts and skirts for girls must be below fingertips.
  • Rips in jeans not permitted.

   Other Uniform Alternatives:

*Please note that JBE does not have any control over inventory or leads times for French Toast orders, and these items ship directly to customer's home when ready.

    Uniform exchange:
  • Please complete this form for exchanges

Uniform Questions/Contact:

If you have any issues in regards to uniform ordering, please feel free to reach out to our Uniforms lead, Sarah Beaver, at uniforms@jbeone.org